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Bowman Law Office is dedicated to helping people who are seeking Social Security Disability in the Nashville area. As most of us are all too fully aware, government agencies are notoriously cumbersome to navigate and insurance companies are not likely to be helping those who get hurt on the job. Having a disability and social security lawyer at your side experienced in these areas of law is invaluable. Getting Jonathan Bowman as your advocate, whether doing so before your claim is filed or after you’ve been denied, reduces your stress and greatly increases your chances of a positive outcome.

At Bowman Law Office, we make it our business to know the unique aspects of your Nashville disability case inside and out. We then make sure that we work diligently with you to compile all relevant evidence of your medical and/or psychiatric issues from diagnosis through treatment no matter where you live in Wilson County. It is this thoroughly compiled evidence that will, almost certainly, make the difference in having your benefits approved. Because our offices focus on Nashville Social Security Disability (SSD) claims, we are always well-informed and up-to-date concerning these matters, and so always able to provide you with current advice.

Our lead attorney, Jonathan Bowman, has been drawn to, and focused on, disability law from the outset of his career. Born and raised by blue collar parents, he was a member of the first generation of his family to attend college. After graduating from West Virginia University, he went on to become a paralegal before returning to West Virginia University School of Law from which he received his law degree in 1996. Admitted to the West Virginia Bar that same year, he went on to work on workers’ compensation in the office of the West Virginia State Attorney General.

For the next 10 years, Jonathan assisted thousands of clients in SSD and workers’ comp claims with Seibert and Kasserman law firm, after which he formed a partnership with Ronald Kasserman, Esq. — Kasserman and Bowman, PLLC. In 2008, Jonathan formed Bowman Law Office in Wheeling, WV. In 2014, Jonathan was admitted to the Bar in the state of Tennessee and added a second law office in Lebanon, Tennessee, within the vicinity of Nashville

When you come to Bowman Law Offices, you are reaching out to someone who has firsthand knowledge of the potential inequities of the Social Security Disability program and immense compassion for those who suffer because of them. Jonathan’s ancestors and extended family, many of whom labored in factories and coal mines, often suffered injuries and disabilities at work. Both of his parents became disabled before they reached retirement age and applied for SSD. Wrongfully denied their benefits, they waited long years to get the benefits to which they were rightfully entitled. Now, Jonathan is grateful to be in a position where he has the knowledge and skill to help individuals in similar situations and keep them from being victimized by a system designed to protect them.

Bowman Law Offices is based in Lebanon and serves clients in Nashville, Mount Juliet, and throughout Wilson County.

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