When you think of Tennessee, Wilson County is what comes to mind. With a total area of 583 square miles and the Cumberland River flowing to the North, this picture-perfect area is home to many cities including Lebanon, Mount Juliet, and Watertown.

Originally part of the larger Sumner County, Wilson County formed in 1799 and was named after American Revolutionary War Hero Major David Wilson; who was also very active in the early government in the Tennessee area.

Wilson County started as a small farming community due to the unique ecosystem causing the soil to be too rocky or shallow for trees, leaving perfect soil for growing and planting crops. But soon after the introduction of the railroad during the Civil War, it became a hustling and bustling town with large factories, which helped it grow into the the county we know and love.

Also during this time, a large mining community grew. Valley Cave was the saltpeter mine located near what is now Statesville. Saltpeter is the main ingredient in gunpowder. It’s theorized that these mines were heavily used during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

According to the Census in 2000, there were 88,809 people, 32,798 households, and 25,582 families residing in the Wilson County. It’s home to 22 public schools, four high schools, and one college, Cumberland University.

Although Wilson County is now home to cities and towns, the government has ensured some of the beauty is preserved by creating protected wildlife areas including Cedars of Lebanon State Forest, Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area, Gattinger’s Cedar Glade and Barrens State Natural Area, John and Hester Land Cedar Glades State Natural Area, Old Hickory Wildlife Management Area, Percy Priest Wildlife Management Area, Vesta Cedar Glade State Natural Area, and Vine Cedar Glade State Natural Area.

It’s also home to 24 historic sites including Hale House-Patterson Hotel, Camp Bell, and Spring Creek Presbyterian Church.

According to the same census report in 2000, most families in Wilson County are below the poverty line. If you find yourself injured in the workplace or unable to perform your job due to a disability, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a representative by your side when applying for social security and disability benefits. You and your family deserve to live a happy and healthy life, so hiring a disability attorney like Jonathan Bowman can help make you during this difficult time. Don’t hesitate to contact Bowman Law Offices today.