Lebanon, Tennessee is home to over 30,000 people. Nicknamed the “Cedar City” because of the numerous cedar trees in the area, Lebanon boasts a small, tightknit community in the heart of the south. While the city has a good bit of southern charm, it is also home to several companies that have customers all over the world.

Although it is a small city, Lebanon’s influence can be felt around the country. In 1969, Dan Evins founded Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, and the company’s corporate office remains there to this day. Every time you step into a Cracker Barrel, it is as if you are walking into a storefront/restaurant straight out of Lebanon. In addition to the corporate headquarters of Cracker Barrel, Lebanon is home to several factories, including Wonderful Group, a new Chinese tile company’s first manufacturing location in North America.

Lebanon is a city where the possibilities to grow professionally continue to pop up. With factory jobs, corporate jobs, and other opportunities presenting themselves to the citizens of Lebanon, it is a great time to be in Lebanon. With that in mind, it is important that there are two sides to every coin. Workers get injured relatively often at factory jobs, and there are often not many jobs available in Lebanon for people with disabilities. Jonathan Bowman fights for the rights of these people, and makes sure that their voice is heard when it seems like no one else will listen.

For every new factory job, there is another job being outsourced or eliminated due to corporate downsizing, like we saw when Dell eliminated over 700 jobs in 2009. When people in Lebanon lose their jobs due to disabilities or injuries that happened on the job, they deserve a fierce advocate on their side at every step of the Social Security Disability claims process.

As a lawyer based in Lebanon with resources extending into Nashville, Jonathan Bowman has been fighting for the rights of those around him for decades. Bowman Law Office gives clients the attention of a boutique firm with the tenacity and attention to detail of a big city firm.

Many people simply accept offers from insurance companies or government agencies without hiring any consultation, and end up leaving thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table. Because Bowman Law Office offers free case evaluations, you never have to worry about spending more money on legal fees than you end up winning in your case. In addition to that, hiring an attorney like Jonathan Bowman will allow you to focus on your life outside of your SSD and SSDI claims, which can be simply overwhelming without significant legal help.

Social Security claims can be an incredibly complicated process. Jonathan Bowman has been filing SSD and SSDI claims for decades, so he knows the ins-and-outs of every regulation, statute, and rule. When you put your case in Jonathan Bowman’s hands, you are hiring someone who has gotten results for people just like you time and time again.

If you or someone you loved was injured at work, or is suffering from a disability, do not hesitate to contact Lebanon’s premiere SSD and SSDI attorney, Jonathan Bowman. In a city built up by several corporations, Jonathan Bowman makes sure that the interests of the workers and disabled come before anyone else. Mr. Bowman is not just a lawyer: he is an advocate.